Friday, August 30, 2013

Double Welcome Week Wrap Up

Today marks the end of our "Double Welcome Week" here at ASU. Throughout the last two weeks, the ASU FOCUS team and I have been busy meeting hundreds of students to get them plugged into the All Saints Catholic Newman Center right away. To do so we have been meeting with students one-on-one, holding daily events, working a booth outside the Memorial Union on campus, attending every Mass offered at the Newman Center, and sending up A LOT of prayers. I've also been lucky enough to work with the ASU Delta Gammas, aiding in recruitment and banner making. Tonight we have our first "Upper Room," event for our student missionaries. The "Upper Room" is where Jesus appeared to the disciples following His Resurrection. Each month we hold an "Upper Room" to gather our student missionaries for formation, prayer, and vision setting. Then the ASU FOCUS team and I are off to San Diego, California for a relaxing weekend on the beach for our team offsite. Praise Jesus! 

Here are a few recap photos from the last two weeks:

Student Missionary Pool Party & Vision Setting
ASU student missionary, Caelen,  Fr. Clements, and I throwing the Delta Gamma salute!

Pool Volleyball & Anna's "creative" net.

Shaving Cream Baseball

Passport at ASU

Newman Center BBQ 

Girls' Night at "The House of Gold"

Fuzzy's Dinner with Students

Southern Arizona Team Outing with Fr. Clements

Swing Dancing at Moonshine with Students

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